How one may organize «Enlightened Movement»?

It is a social movement with no connection with any political party or group, and does not have any ambition of political power.  The movement aims at educating and teaching people about values and the possibilities of human life which may secure dignity of life and peace on Earth. It desires to help democracy to develop in a meaningful way. The movement is organized in a two-tier manner: 1) Central Body and 2) Civic-Organ Body.


The task of the central body is to disseminate information about ideas, goals and activities of the movement, as well as develop policies, supervise activity and help to build civic organs at local levels.

Information team: They will provide information and explain to the public about the ideas, goals and activities of the enlightened world.

Policy making and supervisory body: It will discuss and revise policies, supervise the activities to make sure that the ideas of the movement can be realized, and help in building civic-organs in the society.


It will function as an educational, teaching and service organization: It`s main aim will be to educate and teach people about the ideas and goals of the enlightened world and receive inputs from the population which could make the movement more beneficial for the people to participate in the society in a more meaningful way.

Educational team: Will teach and educate people about the ideas and goals of the enlightened world.

Project team: Will create ideas of projects in accordance with the goals of the enlightened world and help to implement these projects.

People`s interface team: It will work on the exchange of ideas and experiences among people participating in the enlightened movement. It will arrange events and festivals involving literature, music, handicrafts, fine arts and performance arts with the aim of strengthening solidarity and friendship among people of different races, religions and cultures. The major aim will be to build an understanding about the universal culture and develop the spirit of dialogue and collaboration.  They will send feedback to the Central Body about the way to improve the movement which may serve people`s desire for a more meaningful participation in the society .



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